“The role of endothelial dysfunction and polymorphism of NOS genes in the mechanism of liver lesions of various genesis”

  • Grant registration: SSV-F-038
  • Grant location: Tashkent city, Tashkent Medical Academy.
  • Grant funding: 270.59 million sums
  • Financial organization: The Ministry of Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Grant type: Fundamental.
  • Grant period: 2017-2020 г.

Principle investigator:

  • Okhunov O. Alisher
  • Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
  • Place of work: Head of the Department of General and Pediatric Surgery TMA.
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  • Contact phone: +998 (90) 947-45-68


In the pathogenesis of hepatitis, impaired intrahepatic hemodynamics are due to the damage of the sinusoids endothelial lining and endothelial dysfunction is of great importance. The pathogenetic role of the endothelial dysfunction has been proven in a number of the most common diseases and pathological conditions. In recent decades, paracrine – non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic regulation involving nitric oxide (NO) has occupied an important place in this aspect. NO mediates the vasodilating effect of many other mediators including kinins, acetylcholine, serotonin and catecholamines, polypeptide hormones of apudocytic origin; regulates the function of metabolic and immune systems, cytokine, endocrine, nervous, participates in carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism, the process of apoptosis.

The main source of vasoactive nitrogen in the intact bloodstream is the vascular endothelium, where it is produced by the activity of endothelial synthase nitric oxide (NOS). Its gene is localized on chromosome 7g35-36, has 26 exons and 25 introns. There is a polymorphism of the gene encoding NOS3, which is associated with the change in the concentration of NO in the plasma. The substitution of guanine with thymine at the 894 positions in exon 7 (894G> T polymorphism), associated with the decrease in basal NO production. However, a polymorphism in the promoter (786T> C polymorphism) leads to a significant reduction in the number of eNOS.

In recent decades, the role of NOS genes in the formation of susceptibility to multifactorial human diseases has been actively studied in the world. The association of polymorphic loci of candidate genes with the risk of development liver diseases remains studied inadequately. Therefore, the study of endothelium dysfunction and its genetic characteristics in liver pathologies seems to be an urgent task of pathophysiology and gastroenterology.

In the planned study, the role of endothelial dysfunction and polymorphism of NOS genes in the mechanism of liver lesions of various genesis will be clarified.

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