“Development of new medical and social methods for the protection of motherhood and childhood, taking into account micronutrient deficiencies and methods of correction and prevention”

  • Grant registration number: PZ-20170929292925
  • Grant venue: Tashkent, Jizzakh, Samarkan, Surkhandaren and Khorezm regions.
  • Funding: 351.73 million per project
  • Type of grant: Applied.
  • Grant deadline 2018-2020

Grant Principle Investigator

Bobomuratov Turdikul Akramovich

  • Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
  • Vice-rector for work with youth TMA.
  • Email: t.bobomurotov@tma.uz
  • Contact phone: +998 (71) 150-78-03

Grant Information:

Recently, there has been a widespread increase in diseases caused by the deficiency in the supply of trace elements to the human body fr8om the environment (micronutrient deficiency). Maternal and child health, including the fight against micronutrient deficiency is one of the primary tasks of healthcare in the Republic of Uzbekistan. This fact is supported by the announcement of the year 2016 as “The Year of a Healthy Mother and Healthy Child”. At the same time, the elimination of micronutrient deficienciy among children and mothers, which includes the imbalance of chemical elements, is one of the goals of the millennium (WHO / UNICEF).

“Pregnant and lactating women, children during intensive growth are at the highest risk of the micronutrient deficiency. One of the most important public health goals is to study this problem, its impact on the incidence of the diseases in various regions of the republic,” said the project manager, Bobomuratov T.

It is known that nutritional deficiency is responsible for stunted growth and development in children. The deficiency of macro- and microelements on the health status of infants and their mothers, as well as older children is not fully understood. In addition to the questioning of  the target group, a comparative assessment of the content of macro- and microelements and folic acid in the environment (in soils, water, and food products), and in the body of children and their mothers will be investigated.

Mapping of the surveyed area according to the composition of chemical elements, development of methods for nutritional correction and prevention of deficiency of basic macro and microelements in children will definitely contribute to the health improvement of the mother and child, as well as has a beneficial effect on the society and the country economy as a whole.

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