“The development of the national clinical protocol for the management of HIV-infected children with hematological disorders”

Grant Registration Number: ПЗ-2017092727263,

Grant venue: Republican AIDS Center and City AIDS Center, Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion

Financing: 603.47  million sum per project

Funding organization: The Ministry of Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Type of grant: Applied grant

Grant period: 2018-2020

HIV infection is ubiquitous and is now officially registered in all countries of the world. It has been proven that HIV acts on both lymphoid and myeloid hematopoietic sprouts at the level of hematopoietic stem cells [Moses A, Nelson J, Bagby GC Jr. The influence of human immunodeficiency virus-1 on hematopoiesis. Blood 2000.-91.-C.1479-1495.]. Hematologic abnormalities detected in HIV patients are not the leading clinical symptoms in the picture of the disease. However, the significance of these changes indicates a severe progressive course of the infection. Timely correction of these disorders, more likely may reduce the progression of immunodeficiency.

“It is necessary to emphasize that in the Republic of Uzbekistan so far there have been only a few observations available indicating anemia or thrombocytopenia in HIV-infected people. However, studies devoted to the explore hematological disorders in HIV patient have not been conducted yet. Cause and effect relationship, correction and treatment of hematological disorders in HIV patients was the objective of this study,” explained Gulnara Khudoykulova, MD, Ph.D., D.Sc., one of the leading project investigators.

The purpose of this project is to develop a national clinical protocol for the management of HIV-infected children with hematological pathology.

“The expected results of the project will help to solve the problems of diagnosis, correction of hematological disorders in HIV-infected children. Practical implementation of the results of completed studies may be used in clinical practice by pediatricians, hematologists and health care providers working with infectious disease and in AIDS centers”, explained the principal investigator of the project, Academic Tungunpulat Daminov.

Stage 1 (2018). To explore clinical manifestations, nature of the hematological pathology in HIV-infected children in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Stage 2 (2019). To investigate the mechanisms of hematological disorders in HIV-infected children.

Stage 3 (2020). To develop the national protocol for the management of HIV-infected children depending on hematological disorders.


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