Molecular-cellular technologies

Laboratory of the molecular-cellular technologies with electron microscopy Interuniversity Research Laboratory of Tashkent Medical Academy

Head: Amirullaev Olimjon Kamolovich, PhD

Goals, objectives:

The main objective of the laboratory of molecular cellular technologies with electron microscopy is to conduct scientific research on priority research areas TMA, as well as training of highly qualified specialists able to independently develop and implement high-end technologies in the practice of public health; fundamental and applied research in the field of histology, immunohistochemistry, study and determine the characteristics of cellular and molecular mechanisms of the process of postnatal development of organs and systems in the context of prenatal exposure to various environmental pollutants. To accomplish the main goal of the staff of the Division the following tasks:

  • Conducting self-planned research work.
  • Creating the necessary conditions for independent scientific and experimental work of the teaching staff, a senior fellow researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, the organization of jobs, training techniques, advice, technical assistance, participation in the planning of proposed experimental studies and monitoring their implementation.
  • Participation in complex scientific programs, including targeted programs and grants in priority areas of Science and Technology of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Increasing scientific skills and students by organizing seminars, conferences, courses and open classes.

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