Department of molecular cell technology with electron microscopy

Gulrukh K. Botiralieva

Gulrukh K. Botiralieva
The head of the Department of molecular cell technology with electron microscopy

Scientific activity

The department carries out fundamental, exploratory and applied research projects, as well as experimental studies in all areas of morphology. The laboratory uses research methods such as cytology, histology, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, light and fluorescence microscopy.

The department is focused on the following tasks:

  1. To study the pathological disorders including carcinogenesis.
  2. The development and implementation of new technologies for pathomorphological and immunohistochemical analysis of the genomic polymorphisms.
  3. Pathomorphological study of known markers of the drug resistance, apoptosis, proliferation, individual sensitivity, hormonal targets and enzyme activity in organs and tissues (e.g. liver pathology, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary, renal, reproductive organs disorders, carcinogenesis, infectious diseases).
  4. To study cellular and molecular mechanisms of the process of postnatal formation of organs of the endocrine, digestive and reproductive systems of offspring, obtained under conditions of intrauterine exposure to various environmental pollutants.
  5. Organization of training for young specialists: trainees, researchers, masters, residents, senior students and postgraduate students from various universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan to teach practical skills to use laboratory equipment.
  6. Organization of research activities to increase the postgraduate education of doctors, the development and implementation of innovative ideas in the healthcare practice.

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