Department of biological and immunological studies

Tseomashko Natalya Yevgenevna

The Head of the Laboratoty: Natalya Ye. Tseomashko, Ph.D.

Goals, objectives:

The main objective of the department of biological and immunological research is to conduct scientific research on priority research areas TMA; conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of medical biology and immunology; examination and identification features of morphological, biochemical, immunocytochemical disorders in organs and systems at the pathological conditions; development, based on these studies, efficient, internationally competitive, technology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases; high-quality training and improvement of highly qualified personnel, learning their skills on a modern laboratory equipment. The department is focused on the following tasks:

  • skills development of educational institutions and teachers;
  • study of morphological, biochemical studies to identify risk of various complications during pregnancy, as well as liver pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary, renal, reproductive organs;
  • conduct immunocytochemistry, including immunostatusa and cytokines in the development of pathology during pregnancy, as well as other pathologies of the body;
  • providing conditions for the training of young specialists: researchers interns, masters, residents, graduate students and seconded from different universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan for learning practical skills on modern medical equipment; organization of conditions to re-equip laboratories with modern equipment, its placement and maintenance; organization to improve the conditions of post-graduate medical education; development and implementation of innovative ideas in public health practice.

The subjects of:

“Development of innovative personalized targeted therapies, including a new generation of immunomodulatory, hepatoprotective, hemostatic, antianemic drugs”

“Study of the influence of environmental factors on the risk of pregnancy complications, determination of immunostatus and cytokines in immunological disorders in the liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys, lungs, uterus and ovaries in pathological conditions of the body”

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