Interuniversity scientific Research Laboratory: “Medical-genetic, molecular-cellular, pharmaco-toxicological and biological studies” (ISRL) of TMA

Departments of ISRL:

  1. Department for the Coordination of the Grant Projects
  2. Department of medical genetic and enzyme immunological studies
  3. Department of molecular cell technology with electronic microscopy
  4. Department of pharmaco-toxicological studies
  5. Department of biological and immunological studies

Functional responsibilities of the department head grant coordination:

  1. Monitors and coordinates the activities carried out in TMA grant projects.
  2. Provides the head of the ISRL with proposals for the coordination of projects of the scientific grants.
  3. Summarizes and monitors the reports of grant projects in accordance with the applications provided to the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  4. Forms activity plans for grant research projects and scientific and practical works in TMA and timely submits plans to the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of the Innovation Development.
  5. Summarizes quarterly and annual reports and monitors the targeted and timely usage of the financial resources of the grant projects.
  6. Summarizes the proposals for the implementation of the research results in practice.
  7. Organizes and controls the documentation preparation for the grant projects in accordance with the work plan.
  8. Coordinates the research departments of the ISRL in accordance with the main directions and the plans of the research and educational work, grant topics, finalizing the agreements on economic basis and agreements on scientific and technical cooperation. The calculation of paid services is agreed with the planning and financial department of the scientific research sector (SRS) (NIS) of the TMA.

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