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Who devoted his/her life to the service of science,
and that the name will be immortal after death!
Alisher Navoiy

The development of medical science plays an extraordinary role in the protection and improvement of public health, a system-forming factor that has a significant impact on various aspects of social life. Creating an effective competitive innovative economy is impossible without ensuring conditions for prevention, health protection and promotion, efficiency and prolong life of citizens. President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution “On measures to strengthen the material and technical base of higher educational institutions and radically improve the quality of excellence.” The purpose of this resolution was a radical improvement of the quality of training specialists with higher education, in-demand sectors and in the fields of economy, based on the strengthening and modernization of material and technical base of higher educational institutions, equipping them with modern educational and scientific and laboratory equipment.

The purpose of the Interacademic Scientific Research Laboratory at the Tashkent Medical Academy is to improve methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and the introduction of innovative technologies in medical practice based on the integration:
– Fundamental and applied research in the field of medical biology, genetics, immunology, histology and clinical pharmacology;
– Development, on the basis of these studies, efficient diagnostics technologies, treatment and prevention of diseases;
– Training of highly qualified specialists able independently develop and implement high-end technologies into clinical practice.

Good luck to you and success in your research endeavors!

Yours sincerely ,
Head of the Interuniversity
Research Laboratory TMA
MD, Professor
Iriskulov Bakhtiyor Uktyamovich

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